Guns in Slovakia


If you are in Slovakia, interested in getting a gun permit, you can find information here.

Update 2017:  There have not been any substantial changes yet to the firearms law in Slovakia.  However the approval by the European Parliament in March of the changes to the EU firearms directive will have some affect on Slovak law.  A discussion of this can be found in the article under the expandable section "Focus on: What now?"  Member states have more than a year to bring their laws in line with the directive, so expect these pages to be updated in 2018.

Older article discussing guns in Slovakia and the effect of guns on self defense.

My instructions on using the Great Gun Derringer double barrel percussion pistol, which can be bought and carried without a license in Slovakia and Czech Republic.


O Great Gun Derringer

Stiahnut PDF od July-August 2012 Časopis Dimenzie.

Viac zbraní, menej kriminality? (PDF, 483kB)